Saturday, 18 February 2012

Eat 15g or Less of This Daily to Help Slim Your Waistline

By Dr. Mercola

In today's world it's more difficult than ever to keep your weight under control, as evidenced by the fact that over 2/3 of all American adults are now overweight or obesei, as are one in three children.

Part of the blame rests with the processed food corporations that spend billions of dollars marketing unhealthy foodsii as "healthy choices."

So what do "naturally thin" people know that the rest don't?

David Zinczenco, editor in chief of Men's Health magazine, and Matt Goulding address this question in a recent article featured on Yahoo Healthiii, stating that most thin people tend to live by a series of "laws" that keep them from gaining excess weight.

These seven rules are simple enough that most can follow them:
  1. Avoid "Dieting": By dieting, you're setting yourself up to gain more weight than ever.
  2. Avoid "Fat-Free": Fat doesn't make you fat; you need fat in your diet to help you process certain nutrients.
  3. Sit Down to Eat: Eating more slowly and savoring your meal boosts levels of two hormones that make you feel fuller.
  4. Plan Your Meals and Snacks: Planning your responses to hunger helps you shed pounds faster.
  5. Eat Protein: Those who eat moderately high levels of protein (including organic animal protein) are twice as likely to lose weight and keep it off as those who don't eat much protein.
  6. Move Around: "Fit people stay fit by having fun."
  7. Watch Less TV: Nearly 30 percent of people who watch more than four hours of TV a day have a BMI of 30 or higher.

Story at-a-glance
  • Poor dietary and lifestyle choices are at the root of our skyrocketing obesity rates. Knowing which lifestyle strategies give you the greatest return can help make weight management into a “non-issue”
  • Avoiding sugar/fructose and refined grains, and increasing vegetables and healthy fats are four of the “Master Keys” to successful, long-term weight management and optimal health
  • Knowing which type of exercise is the most efficient is essential if you want to reach your fitness and weight goals with the least amount of struggle
  • For optimal health and weight management, keep your total fructose intake below 25 grams of fructose per day if you're in good health, and below 15 grams/day if you're overweight or have any chronic health conditions.
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