Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Study Finds Taking Sleeping Pills Leads To Higher Death Risk

Do you take sleeping pills? Better think again. Researchers at the Scripps Clinic in California and the Jackson Hole Center in Wyoming say that taking sleeping pills can lead to early death.
Sleeping pill bottle
Insomnia is a common problem in America with an estimated 50 million individuals suffering every day. Those who have sleeping disorders likely have health problems including diabetes, heart disease,and stroke.

The study, conducted by Dr. Daniel Kripke of Scripps and Dr. Robert Langer of Jackson Hole found that people who took sleeping pills:

  1. Are likely to die 4 times more than those who don't take them
  2. Have a 35% more likelihood to be diagnosed with cancer

The sample of the study consisted of 40,000 patients. Over 10,000 people were prescribed sleeping medication while nearly 24,000 were not.

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