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Homeopathy for Toothache

Homeopathic toothache remedies are engineered to address specific symptoms. Therefore, there's no one remedy that you should take for all toothaches or other dental problems.

Please take note that toothache indicates a problem, so be sure to consult a dentist as soon as possible. Letting a toothache persist could mean more pain later, more expensive dental procedures, and it can lead to an abscess.

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Here are the most indicated Homeopathic remedies for a number of different dental problems:

Aconitum napellus [Aconite] 30c/200c
Aggravated by cold wind, but better with cold water.
For sudden toothaches, anxiety, after exposure to cold or wind.
If you're suffering severe, unbearable pain, anxiety and sudden restlessness, and moving makes your toothache worse, try Aconitum Napellus. This relieves the kind of sharp, tearing pain caused by serious cases of pulpitis and nerve inflammation. 7C potency, every fifteen to twenty minutes.

Antimonium crudum [Ant.crud] 30c/200c
Gum margins detached from teeth, bleed easily. Teeth feel hollow and aching.

Arnica [Arn] 30c/200c
Pain after dental fillings or trauma. Continue to take Arnica 30c/200c as a pain killer as and when needed.
This is a very useful remedy for bleeding after extraction of teeth, and for pain and swelling from wearing false teeth, or pains produced by filing or filling or excavating teeth. The sensation is one of soreness.

Belladonna [Bell] 15C/30c/200c (never lower than 15c in any acute condition)
Every half hour should be taken, until the symptoms are reduced or subside
Stabbing or throbbing pain in the gums; often similar to migraine; with heat and redness, Belladonna
Has toothache from inflammation of dental pulp. The pains are burning and throbbing, worse at night, worse on contact, as in chewing and in the open air. There is a red hot face and great nervous excitability.
When the toothache is worse from moving your head or jaw, chewing, and touch, and is accompanied by a throbbing sort of pain. Belladonna can also be used to treat sudden onset gum and tooth abscesses when they're accompanied by redness, swelling, and throbbing that gets worse when touched.

Calcarea fluorica [Calc.fl] 6x/30c/200c
This remedy produces a roughness of the teeth a decay of the enamel. Dr. R. S. Copeland claims to have produced this condition of the decay of the enamel in a patient for whom he prescribed the remedy for catarrh. It is useful in flaking off of the enamel and deficiency of same.

Calcarea phosphorica [Calc ph] 6x/30c/200c
With this remedy there is slow development, and rapid decay of the teeth. It suits dental troubles in flabby, emaciated children who open posterior fontanelles, and are slow in learning to walk.

CHAMOMILLA [Cham] 6c/30c/200c
For for maddening toothache with irritability, teething pains, babies, children, adults (wisdom teeth), Chamomilla 30c/200c
A severe toothache, worse at night and in a warm room. Irritability is marked, and may be the precipitating factor in triggering the pain.
This is an excellent remedy in unbearable toothache affecting a whole row of teeth occurring in paroxysms, with pains radiating to the ears. The special features are the intolerance of pain, aggravation, from warmth. It is worse during and after eating warm food, and especially from drinking coffee.

COFFEA [Coff] 30c/200c
Relief with cold water or ice in the mouth is characteristic.
This remedy will often remove the most severe pains of toothache which almost drive the patient frantic. It is a stinging, jerking, intermittent pain, worse while chewing, worse from warm drink, and entirely relieved for a time by holding cold water in the mouth, returning when the water becomes warm. It suits especially hypersensitive, nervous persons. 9C potency should be taken every half hour if you have the opposite kind of toothache - one relieved by cold and aggravated by heat.

Hepar Sulph [Hep sul] 30c /200c
For severe pain of abscess with chills.

Hypericum [Hyper] 30c /200c
Sudden shooting nerve pain, extreme sensitivity to heat and cold.

Kreosote [Kreos] 30c/200c
Rapid decay of teeth, with spongy and bleeding gums; offensive odor.
This remedy has premature decay of milk teeth; they become yellow, and dark and then decay (As from too muchanti-biotics). It also has aching pains in diseased teeth. Terebinthina is here complementary especially it the mouth be sore.

Magnesia carbonica is especially useful in toothache or pregnancy, and Dr. Leavitt mentions Sepia as almost specific in this condition.

Magnesium phos [Mag.phos] 6x/9C/30c/200
Until symptoms subside.
This is the homoeopathic Aspirin.
Shooting pains, better for pressure and warmth, Mag phos 30c/ 6x

Mercurius [Merc] 30c/200c
Stabbing pains radiating to the ears, worse at night. Profuse salivation.
Fever/sore throat after dental work on amalgam fillings.
Taken all in all, Mercurius is probably more often indicated in toothache than any other remedy. Its special indications are a pulsating toothache, due to inflamed dentine or to periostitis of the sockets; it is worse at night and in damp weather. The teeth feel elongated and sore, and this soreness affects the whole of the jaw and face, and is worse from warmth, somewhat relieved by gentle rubbing of the face. It is the chief remedy in painful ulcerations at the roots of the teeth and for pain in the hollow teeth, the gums are swollen, ulcerated and retracted from the teeth, and there is usually an offensive odor from the mouth.

Nux moschata [Nux mos]
Severe throbbing pain that extends to neighboring teeth or to the ear. Usually the pains are aggravated by cold and relieved by warmth.

PLANTAGO major [Plant] 30c/200c
Used both locally and on the tongue. Teeth are sensitive to touch and feel too long.
Hale says that of all remedies in toothache none can compare with Plantago, and Hughes supports this statement. The teeth feel elongated and sore and sensitive to touch, with swollen cheeks. The pains are periodic, easily excited, even affecting sound teeth; they are worse lying on the affected side, and sometimes these stabbing and boring pains become very severe.
If your tooth aches severely, the pain is aggravated by cold and pressure, but better when you eat, and the other teeth are sensitive, 30C potency Plantago may be the answer. This remedy is particularly recommended if your mouth feels full of saliva.

Silicea [Sil] 6x/30c/200c
This remedy suits especially abscesses about the roots of the teeth and dental fistulae; the pains are worse from eating warm food or or when cold air gets into the mouth; they are worse at night and the teeth feel loose.

Spigelia [Spig] 30c/200c
Pain aggravated by either hot or cold food, or cold wind. Often worse at night. Commonly associated with a root abscess or a gingivitis.
This is an excellent remedy in tearing, beating pains in carious teeth extending to the malar bone of the affected side. Painful jerks in decayed teeth worse from cold or cold water. The pains set in after eating, smoking or retiring to test, driving the patient from bed their severity. The provings of Spigelia show that it has a remarkable influence over the nerves of th face, jaws and teeth.

Staphisagria [Staph] 30c/200c
Feeling upset or violated after dental work.
Severe pain. The teeth are especially sensitive so that the least touch, or cold air triggers a toothache, especially at night. Often worse after food, pains typically drawing and tearing in character. The cheek is often swollen and red.
With this remedy the gums are unhealthy and retracted, and there is a tendency to decay of the teeth. They turn black and crumble as soon as they appear, a condition found in some children. It is a splendid remedy for gnawing in the roots of decayed teeth, affecting a whole row, and is especially adapted to old women who have a mouthful of painful stumps.

Other options when a dentist is not available

In the event you really feel that there exists some foods which is swamped in between your teeth then gently attempt flossing it.

Cloves and Clove Oil
Cloves and clove oil have been common toothache remedies for hundred of years. To relieve your tooth pain, try resting a clove near the sore region or substitute with a two drops of clove oil around the tooth.
This oil includes eugenol, which has medicinal qualities and functions as an organic pain killer.

Salt Water
Take a big spoonful of sea salt and blend it thoroughly with a cup of hot mineral water. Then, take the mixture and use it like a mouthwash. Swish it around within your mouth for as long as you are able to endure the taste or till your jaw muscles get sore. Then, spit out and again again a few times. You won’t like it but this remedy should feel your toothache pain subside.

However, if you have some vodka, brandy, whiskey, or other alcoholic beverages sitting around the house, then you might have the ability to temporarily relieve the discomfort by swishing it around in your mouth and then spitting it out. Do it again as necessary till the pain becomes endurable. You can also substitute this toothache remedies with a good, alcohol-containing mouth rinse if necessary.

Tobacco oil / Pipe oil
Apply a drop or two of tobacco oil, which is obtainable from the bottom end of a pipe, to the tooth.