Thursday, 26 April 2012

United States Shutting Down All Alternative Health Clinics At Home And Abroad

US making Way For Immunity Breakdown Medicine For Upcoming Viruses And Plagues

The U.S. Federal government which has had a hand in regulating alternative health practices abroad in Europe and other foreign jurisdictions has set to task a general witch hunt against alternative medicine in the United States. If you are an alternative medicine practitioner you need to spruce up your defenses now or face closure. Is it really possible that the Unites States government can actually reach out to foreign health clinics and have them shut down?

A distressed Chiropractic practitioner called me to his clinic in the U.K. to discuss how regulators in the United States had forced the hand of law makers in England to alter the way his treatment methods were being used on his patients. Rendering the therapy useless in original ability to treat and bring cure to numerous ailments.

I have been approached by political medical organizations in the UK for the last 5 years to sign petitions so alternative healing practices would be shut down in various forms as alternative medicine in the UK.  A precursor for such closures in the rest of Europe. If you think I am crying wolf or that the sky is falling you should look closer. Look past surface information and start asking questions while your clinics are still open. Ask the question; why is there a blanketing witch hunt against subtle energy associative health practices worldwide?,,15673133,00.html

©2012 Kevin Wilson PsyD PhD

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