Thursday, 3 May 2012

Some of the Greatest People the World had ever known

This is a list of people so great their work was beyond understanding

Most people on this list were so far advanced that they were opposed, ousted, rejected, belittled, discarded and science will always try to disprove their work or steer you away from them.

In the Middle Ages, the CHURCH oppressed & suppressed, they persecuted & prosecuted free & progressive thinkers, anyone that opposed them, anyone who's work they could not understand & anyone they perceived a threat. Since then, that OPPRESSIVE role has been taken over by organised SCIENCE. For the past 400 years SCIENCE HAS BEEN SUPPRESSING, PERSECUTING & PROSECUTING EXACTLY SUCH INTELLIGENT PROGRESSIVE INDIVIDUALS!

In my view Science is an insult to knowledge, it is backward and oppressive and it kept us in the dark ages until now.

Science only tries to investigate what others already know & that cannot be understood by scientists. High Incarnates like these greats were centuries ahead of their time, and they changed the World forever.

They proved my late brother's statement that "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, but some things are just highly unlikely."

The interesting thing about people like those mentioned here is that science would rather oppose them and try to disprove them, to conjure up disinformation to warrant their attempts to prove them wrong, than learn from them. It has always amazed me how puny science can be in that they would follow some misguided skeptic anti everything so-called scientist who understands nothing of this world, yet they oppose those that were so highly advanced and whom we could and should learn from. It is irrational to say the least. They're still on the train of evolution, searching for the origins of humans on Earth, while the answers have been laid out before them so many times over and over and over by so many people and so many sources.

What is the sense of possessing so much data and zero knowledge. We are studying more and more of the same and discovering nothing of applicable value. Instead of utilising what had been given to us we are allowing science to oppress us, just because they are unable to understand anything they had not read, and that was not written by some professor with a good memory.

We have had people that had come to this World to teach us, to guide us and to provide us with unlimited knowledge and insight and we discard them due to dogma, either some religious dogma or scientific dogma. Have you ever considered just how blinded people are thanks to science's misguided teachings on evolution? Due to this limited dogma's and paradigms in which the churches and science are stuck we are denied so much.

There is ZERO ZILCH NOTHING of value knowing ANYTHING that someone like Richard Dawkins had said or written, it adds NOTHING to anything or anyone. It is of the utmost importance that we study the work of the so-called dissidents, those greats that are ignored, ousted and denied by organised science. Those are the people that add to our knowledge.

"You know you were successful in life when the day you die people do NOT miss you." - Dr. Myles Munroe (

The above statement relates to the sharing of knowledge. If you had shared all your knowledge unselfishly and freely, if you had shared your love in abundance you would have fulfilled all the needs to those around you. If after your departure from this world people repeatedly say "I miss him/her, because I still wanted to get this or that info", "I wish he/she was here to explain this or that to me", "I always wanted to ask him about this or that", then you failed in this life, because you did not share all your knowledge.

If you had been successful you would have shared all your knowledge so freely and openly that nothing is missing, that we do not need to miss you, because of gaps in the info you left us, because you shared everything with us, THAT is being successful.

Knowledge is what builds the World, what develops and grows the World and any knowledge that we possess must be shared with mankind BEFORE we die so people would not miss us for a lack of that knowledge.

In this sense We need to weigh people on this list objectively. One of the most successful people was Nikola Tesla, because he wanted to share everything, to share his knowledge for a better world, to provide the world with free, clean energy. It was the work of organised science and greed that prevented us from having all that knowledge today. That knowledge, which he wanted to give to us openly and freely, was withheld and even destroyed by higher powers.

Nikola Tesla is one of the the greatest engineers to ever have walked the planet, but he was oppressed and suppressed. His work should be the basis of all science and engineering education and training. Each and every person on earth should know his name, should have been taught about him and his work. If his ORIGINAL work is shared and deliberately distributed, someone out there among us would synchronise with it and build on it.

Nikola tesla was successful because he wanted and was willing to share his knowledge and he cannot be accused of failure, because politics, commerce and science withheld it from us.

Probably the most successful person on the list in this respect is Samuel Hahnemann, because he shared all the knowledge he possessed successfully. There were things he himself did not understand at the time and which he obviously could not share, but if he did have the knowledge he would have. He also has something else in common with Nikola Tesla and that is that he wished to share it with the whole world. He wanted the whole world to have access to his discoveries and he wanted to improve the whole world with he. He was not in the least shelfish in his sharing of knowledge pertaining to Homeopathy and health. He gave the world the most successful, most advanced, safest, most gentle form of medicinal therapeutics and called it Homeopathy. He was fortunate in that his knowledge spread and was distributed faster than it could be suppressed. Ever attempt by organised science and big pharma to suppress Homeopathy had failed and it will continue to fail forever. The simple reason for this is that good will always triumph above evil. Long after the world economy had collapsed and big pharma had disappeared as a result, Homeopathy will live on. What organised science, the media and big pharma do not consider is that Homeopathy is a knowledge and knowledge can never disappear. Big pharma sells medicine and medicine is a business and when the economy collapses it will disappear, but knowledge will stand, it will remain. Homeopathy being knowledge can be shared freely, drugs cannot. Hahnemann brought knowledge to this world and shared that knowledge freely.

In my opinion Hahnemann is the most successful of all on my list and Tesla is his equal, because we miss Tesla only due to the damage caused by science and commerce. Science and commerce were successful in their attempts to destroy much of Tesla's work and it is lost forever and for that we cannot blame Tesla himself.

Nikola Tesla

Edward Leedskalnin

Samuel Hahnemann

Victor Shauberger

Thomas Henry Moray

John Hutchison

Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen

The Lord Jesus Christ


Leonardo da Vinci

Albert Einstein

Georges Lakhovsky

Rudolph Steiner

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Immanuel Velikovsky