Monday, 22 October 2012

Virologists: Armageddon Virus could kill Mankind in 5 years

by Terrence Aym 
October 21, 2012

Like something from the pages of a science fiction thriller, scientists are warning that an unstoppable "Armageddon Virus" could wipe out Mankind. What's worse, their horrific scenario could play out not in 100 years, or even fifty, but in less than five years.

Shocking new trend

Virologists have identified a shocking new trend: deadly diseases have learned to mutate and jump species. Viruses that once were contained strictly to animals like birds, rats, pigs and bats are now transforming themselves to invade—and kill—the human body.

Investigations into new virus mutations and breakouts of fatal diseases have led researchers to the startling conclusion that viruses are adapting and crossing species faster than anyone expected.

Newly emerging viruses are beginning to spread so quickly that the medical protocols in place may soon become archaic.