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'Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business' - Part 1

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has cured hundreds of people of brain cancer over the past three decades from his Houston, TX clinic. The State of Texas tried and failed once and the Federal Government tried twice to convict him of any wrongdoing, with several of his grateful patients as witnesses testifying that the doctor cured them of cancers previously thought to be incurable.

Why has the government been trying to imprison a doctor who has cured hundreds of cancer patients, many of whom are still in remission 10 years after treatment?

The director of this film, Eric Merola suspects that it is because when his "Antineoplastons" therapies are approved for pubic use, it will allow a single scientist (Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski) to hold the exclusive license to manufacture and sell these medicines on the open market - before they become generic - leaving Big Pharma out of the game of profiting from the most effective, gene-targeted cancer treatment the world has ever seen.

Shortly after the release of this documentary about his work; his many triumphs both with cancer patients and with the State and Federal legal authorities - a film that is as infuriating as it is inspiring - Burzynski was once again sued by the State of Texas - but last November, the State of Texas lost again!

Look out for the soon-to-be-released Part 2 of this amazing saga. In the meantime, here is one of the most inspiring stories most of us will ever see.

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Video (108 mins) "Burzynski Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business - Official 2011 Release"
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There is a huge attack on Burzynski and his work and it is worth while reading some of the arguments against him, but please be careful of any articles referencing the magician James Randi.

The readers and those who comment positively on the sceptic sites are themselves sceptics. Sceptics are usually people who are even sceptical about their own existence and one needs then to be sceptical of their views. Sceptics believe what they want to believe, while being sceptical of anything that they prefer not to believe, because they are unable to think for themselves and love name-dropping. They only support what others write, because they could not write it themselves.

The following comments were made to the article "What Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski doesn’t want you to know about antineoplastons" :

December 12, 2011

How hard would it be to just disprove the FDA test results? With cancers with 99% fatality rates with chemo treatments, there are FDA tests showing Byrzynski’s drug had better results and didn’t give the side effects that come from poisoning humans with radiation. Why not go after those studies instead? Because you can’t argue against success?

December 12, 2011

5 grand juries and ZERO indictments. If Dr. B was “seriously misleading” and “defrauding” the public, why has he never been successfully indicted? As well, why do we have Dr. Oz and Oprah citing his story as a remarkable “David vs. Goliath” battle? Have you all watched the Burzynski film in its entirety to understand the mountain of evidence that supports his claim for antineoplastines?

Lastly, please explain why antineoplastines are in Phase III Clinical trials by the FDA if indeed they do not work??

December 13, 2011

@Antaeus, I’m sorry, I meant to say zero CONVICTIONS after 5 grand jury trials. You’re hilarious – like everyone else, trying to jump on any small typo in an attempt to debase my argument.
Please, just ask yourself for a moment why he’s not in jail right now if he has really criminally defrauded the public on the level that he has. Why does he have so much popular support among people he has treated and hundreds of thousands more who have followed his struggle? Why have 5 grand juries acquitted him of all charges brought against him?
I can’t believe how ardent you all are in castigating this scientist, simply by just reading what you want to believe. There’s no way any of you can claim to know for sure whether or not his treatment works. Do any of you actually have antineoplastons in your possession and a group of people who you can conduct a clinical trial on? Fact is, most, if not all, of you can only claim to have read something on some “science blog” that refutes his research.
And what is this nonsense about passing judgment without hearing both sides? At least I have gone and read/seen both sides of the argument myself (and not having took someone else’s word for it). What I do know is that our own government agencies, in this case the FDA (in collusion with the NCI), regularly engage in Washington politics, corporate pay-offs, and many other corrupt and criminal activities (e.g. the Vioxx scandal –
FACT: Cancer is big business.
FACT: Current cancer treatments are often times more dangerous than the tumor itself.
FACT: Wall St. could not care less – just sell more drugs and increase profit margins.
“It has become readily apparent that Wall Street, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and cancer researchers themselves (and now cancer organizations)—if not the federal government—are awkwardly bumping heads. Cancer has become extremely big business. ”
WAKE UP – our own government does not have the American public’s well-being in mind. It’s corruption from crony capitalism at its worst – taking payouts to protect those in power. It’s going on at all levels of our government and when it comes to healthcare and Big Pharma, they would rather know how much it would cost to shut you up (or jail you as a fraud) rather than promote more research into promising treatments. Also, in this case, since the FDA and NCI would be infringing on Dr. Burzynski’s patent on antineoplastons by producing/selling his cure for the public, they’d rather drag him through court trial after court trial to ensure no ONE person would reap the profits from a cure for cancer with no side effects.
All this chatter is pure speculation at this point. Leave it to the judge and jurors in 2012 to find out whether Dr. Burzynski is a charlatan or not. Until then, if you keep sticking your head in the sand to protect yourself from the truth, you’ll never amount to more than a troll who involves him/herself in circular arguments on a “science blog” that never was very scientific to begin with.

December 12, 2011

You do realize all of what you’re “uncovering” is on his website and explained to his patients, right?

Bottom line – His team conducts FDA clinical trials with intravenous Antineoplastons. He also has a completely separate private practice where he’s using a targeted cancer approach (which involves sodium phenylbutyrate among other drugs).

Ummm… and your point?

I’ve spoken to at least a dozen of his patients and all of which knew they were NOT on FDA clinical trials with IV Antineoplaston because they didn’t meet the criteria to enroll in them (not to mention the other little clue that they weren’t getting it like how they didn’t have a catheter placed in them).

They KNEW they were getting “sodium phenylbutyrate” which converts into one of the forms of Antineoplaston (which you described) and it was in combination with other targeted meds (SOME off-label, which is acceptable oncological practice – In fact, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has stated, “Frequently the standard of care for a particular type or stage of cancer involves the off-label use of one or more drugs. Off-label use of drugs is widespread in cancer treatment”). And if needed they would receive low-dose chemo. EVERY patient signed consent forms knowing what was happening, plus side effect, etc. So what exactly is it you unraveled?

Funny enough you make slight (emphasize SLIGHT) hints that this works for some. Of course you minimalize it (SHOCKER).

Listening to your rhetoric and your “OMGZ LOOKIE I FOUNDZ DA TROOF TANKS TO MUH INVESTIGATIONAL SKILZZ!!” is seriously laughable when none of this was hidden in the first place.

You sound like that Kevin Trudeau guy with his “WHAT THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO NOEZ!” books. Ironically you’re just as much of a “conspiracy theorist” as you claim others are who believe FDA is “hiding the cure”. It’s pathetic.

proud aussie
January 17, 2012

@ Lawrence
maybe theres a reason why he has not published results? could it be that all medical records have been confiscated or subpoenaed by the FDA and NCI for their wasteful grand jurys? if you want results, why dont you speak directly to the people and their families that have been treated by Dr Burzynski.

if you are correct and he is infact charging hundreds of thousands, and i reiterate IF – then of course at this stage he has to – without the financial backing and the necessary subsidies provided by institutions such as the FDA and NCI i dont see that he much choice – does Dr Burzynski live up a lavish lifestyle? own multiple multi-million dollar mansions?? posses yatchs and supercars? NO.

what you need to be questioning is, what do those handful of pharmaceutical companies that control a trillion dollar per year industry and the FDA stand to lose should Dr Burzynski’s patented treatment, actually do more than what is currently available??

@ LW

in all honesty, i dont believe my govt is doing anything about assisting Dr Burzynski either, and this shames me deeply.

maybe they fear reprisals from your govt by way of economic sanctions, cease in trade & cease in financial support, not entirely sure…

to be completly honest, in my opinion, i think that both our govt’s are so deeply inter-twined that who knows how much money these same pharmaceutical companies pour into my govt….it would be extremely difficult in that sense to support Dr Burzynski publically.

having said that no other govt in the world parade and proclaim themselves as the leader of the free world.

so dont you think as a world leader you have a greater obligation to pursue and assist in Dr Burzynski’s research for the good of humanity? especially since it is happening right in your very backyard?

what i can tell however, is what my govt IS NOT doing…and that is they are not vilifying and prosecuting a man who has potentially taken a giant leap towards a cure of cancer, just for the sake of protecting it’s bottom line figure, whilst simultaneously attempting to steal his patent.

FACT: in all the 4+ grand jurys held, not once did the FDA or NCI question the effectiveness of his treatment – rather the way Dr Burzynski’s clinic was run and operated.

WHY?: because at the same time, a certain pharmaceautical company was attempting to steal his invention and apply for a patent of their own.

American Greed.

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