Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Great Cancer Conspiracy

After many decades of research and billions of dollars globally ... still no cure??

Many doctors have discovered and successfully utilized non-toxic treatments for cancer in clinical practice. Those doctors all have one thing in common – they were all investigated and then harassed by the medical giants. Their families and their patients were approached and intimidated, their clinics were raided, their medical files seized, and their treatments discredited. Many of them were dragged through lengthy court cases and some were even jailed for the unforgivable crime of healing sick people.

The Independant Cancer Research Foundation in the US says: “Everything you know about cancer comes from Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Media, Big Charity, and Big Government, and everything you know about cancer is designed to make the people in these organizations very wealthy! ... Medical doctors were curing cancer with herbs in the mid-1800s! However, the pharmaceutical industry crushed all cures for cancer when American politicians sold-out the American people around 1910. But that was just the beginning …”

Quotes from People who know…

“There have been many cancer cures, and all have been ruthlessly and systematically suppressed … by the cancer establishment.”... Dr Robert C Atkins

“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.”... Linus Pauling Ph.D. (Nobel Prize recipient)

“No profitable business will ever try to eliminate itself. That is why no cancer cure will ever come from the Cancer Industry.” ... Ty M. Bollinger... Author of Cancer – Step Outside The Box

“A huge financial house has been built on the paradigm of purging the body of cancer cells. You’ve got all this ‘stuff’ in the war against cancer – and it’s trillions of dollars… All this money keeps pouring in – and it all goes to the same guys.” ... Julian Whitaker M.D.... Whitaker Wellness Institute

“There are laws against healing cancer. The doctor is not allowed to try anything else – he must use only those treatments that have already proven to be failures. Imagine what we could do if (Gerson Therapy) could be accepted! But there are laws against it – you are not allowed to heal – there is too much money to be made on drugs.”... Charlotte Gerson... Daughter of Dr Max Gerson

“Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors.”... Dr Allen Levin

“Why do the authorities forbid alternative medicine? Because they are serving the industry, and the industry cannot make money on herbs, vitamins and homeopathy. They cannot patent natural remedies.”... Dr Guyliane Lanctot... From her book The Medical Mafia.

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