Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dr T Lobsang Rampa

All books ever written and published by T. Lobsang Rampa are available for download from this site in various formats FOR FREE

The Third Eye - (Originally published in 1956) this is where it all started; an autobiography about a young man's journey into becoming a medical Lama and undergoing an operation to open the third eye. We are shown a glimpse into the Tibetan way of Lamasery life and the deep understanding of spiritual knowledge. Until this point in time lamasery life was unknown; even to those few who had actually visited Tibet. Lobsang enters the Chakpori Lamasery and learns the most secret of Tibetan esoteric sciences and much more.

Lobsang only ever wrote 19 books and they are listed here in their correct publication order. I have portrayed; very briefly, what each book is about. We are performing scan corrections on all 19 books; albeit there may be the odd error here and there that may have been missed, email me errors found so I may make further corrections.

This personal website has been primarily designed to provide an ideal starting point into further understanding the many obscurities of metaphysics - without the many superfluous frills as many web sites have today - whilst stimulating your curiosity about the many mysteries of life; whilst highlighting mighty truths, many unknown and not understood by the general public. It has never; and never will be, for any financial gain. This personal website is a work of love and adoration for Dr Rampa’s knowledge. You could say this is my candle; a candle I hope which will help you see the way forward without having to curse the darkness; as so many do in today's world.

"What does it matter WHO I am? It is what I WRITE that is important. Throughout the years hordes of experts have tried to prove me wrong. They have failed. If I am a fake, where do I get the knowledge which others are now copying? All my books contain my own personal experiences, nothing of it is the so-called automatic writing beloved of the Press. I am neither possessed nor obsessed. I am just a person trying to do a very, very difficult task in the face of bigotry and jealousy. There are those in High Places in India and elsewhere who could help, but who prostitute their religion to politics and so, for political reasons etc., they deny the truth of what I write!" - http://www.lobsangrampa.org/aboutme.html