Monday, 7 May 2012

“The FDA is Attacking One of the Basic Tenets of a Free Society” For the Sake of Corporate Interests

Mike Adams "The Health Ranger" was recently on RT talking about why it is that the FDA has come after raw milk producers. It's not about health. It's about controlling a commodity.

As people continue to abandon processed, shipped foods, the food industry, in this case the established dairy industry, has grown increasingly weary. They don't want to see farmers markets go totally mainstream. They do not want people contracting for produce among themselves. This is a fundamental threat to their business and it appears, via the recent Food Modernization Safety Act, they have found a way to insulate their businesses that much more (dairy is already chock full of subsidies and weird rules which discourage entry into the market.)
Mike Adams makes the point that if someone contracts with another for eggs, or milk, or steaks, or strawberries, what business is it of the federal government? The answer of course is that it is none of the federal government's business. There is no interstate commerce here. Just 2 people who share a love of raw milk, one selling, one buying. Here in the foothills of Virginia people do this all the time.
The anchor of the show makes a couple of good points of her own. One is how is it that we can buy knives (which can kill people) but we can't buy or sell raw milk? Also she makes the point that it is perfectly legal to sell genetically modified foods to the consumer with no indication that the food is GMO, but one can't buy milk that one knows is raw?
Milk is now a focus of the federal government. Milk.
What's next federal regulation of the selling of used cars? I could see this.
The feds say that cars are dangerous potentially and so the individual can't be trusted to contract with another for the selling and purchase of said car. No, the federal government prefers, nay demands, that you sell your car to an intermediary first which meets specific federal regs. For the saftey of the public of course. Carmax don't get any ideas.
This kind of micromanagement is disasterous for the economy, and it costs you and me money, time, quality, and variety all the while enriching vested interests and the evergrowing burocracy.
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