Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mothers to hold Raw Milk demonstration outside the FDA

Mothers to hold Raw Milk demonstration outside the FDA

A group of mothers from across the country will be demonstrating outside the Silver Spring, Maryland FDA office. These mothers represent the many who choose to feed their children raw milk. They will be protesting the FDA’s crackdown on raw milk production and distribution, arguing that the government campaign not only criminalizes raw milk, but criminalizes the American citizens who buy and consume it.

FDA actions a shameful use of force

Recently, the FDA has engaged in several long and involved undercover sting operations and raids against peaceful farmers and buying clubs.

“Not only are the FDA’s actions a shameful use of force, they are also a serious threat to my freedom and my family’s food supply” says Karine Bouis-Towe, Founder of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition and Grassfed on the Hill, a local food buying club. “Moms everywhere are disgusted by the FDA casting us into criminals for feeding our families nutritious food, just because that food happens to come from a farm in a different state!”

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