Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Self surgical procedure fails

Self surgical procedure fails:

Chicago - Performing surgery on ones self is rarely going to be good idea unless it is an absolutely dire emergency and no other venue for assistance is available. Too many things can go wrong.

The whole idea of a person performing any kind of surgical procedure on themselves is moderately ludicrous unless there exists a clear and present life threatening danger which makes it a necessity. One man in Chicago believed otherwise and decided to remove his heart pacemaker though and it did not go well for him.

Channing Askew was living a in a group home, so there does exist the possibility that life was a challenge anyway, but after he decided to remove his pacemaker, life took a serious turn for the worse and despite being transported to Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital, Mr. Channing succumbed to the results of his self surgical procedure and/or the underlying heart disease. It was reported at the Chicago Tribune that paramedics from the Chicago Fire Department were called to the scene after Channing complained to one of the group home employees. After the paramedics began working on Channing with his complaints of chest pain, they removed his shirt and found a puncture wound in his chest. It was at that point at which the Police were called in with the concern that Channing may have been stabbed. On being transported to the hospital and examined by a doctor, it was determined had used an unidentified tool to attempt the removal of his pacemaker. In light of the nature of the deceased's plus the preexisting heart disease, the cause of death was ruled a natural death.