Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Restaurant specializes in caveman cuisine, goes back to basics

Restaurant specializes in caveman cuisine, goes back to basics:

Berlin - A restaurant in Berlin, Germany is serving up food caveman style. On the outside the restaurant looks like any other trendy establishment, but what's on the inside is more unique than what one would probably find at any eatery that serves standard fare.
"Real Food Revolution -- Paleolithic Cuisine!"
The Sauvage, opened its doors this past May. Their menu, based on Paleolithic food, only serves up organic and unprocessed food items, just like the cavemen enjoyed. All of their dishes exclude grains, starches, dairy and sugar, firmly holding their philosophy of going back to basics where food is concerned.

The Sauvage resides in a former brothel gone Stone Age, and the entrepreneurs, Boris Leite-Poço and Rodrigo Leite-Poço, say their establishment is the only caveman era restaurant in Europe.