Monday, 24 October 2011

Too much IVF could reduce the chances of having a healthy baby.

Too much IVF could reduce the chances of having a healthy baby.:

Scientists has recently found reason to believe that too-much ‘high-intensity’ IVF treatment could reduce the chance of having a healthy baby.

Many patients are often given strong doses of drugs to ‘force’ their ovaries into producing large numbers of eggs to harvest for IVF. The reasoning behind doing this, would be, the more eggs available, the higher the chance of getting a ‘good’ egg.

However, now fertility experts has reason to think this is lowering the chances of getting pregnant as doing this could damage the eggs themselves. Scientists fear that the large amounts of FSH are making it more likely for the embryo to have chromosome abnormalities. It is a well-known fact that chromosome faults within a fertilised egg can lead to a variety of life-long conditions and disabilities such as Down’s syndrome or the death of the embryo in early pregnancy (miscarriage) –this is more common. Scientists strongly believe that too much FSH can cause too little or too many chromosomes. So, it should be reduced...

Illinois Review: IVF: Deadly Business from Beginning to End

Illinois Review: IVF: Deadly Business from Beginning to End:

IVF requires the killing of many more embryos than will ever get implanted, beginning with the 80% found to be non-viable for implantation. Of those deemed healthy enough, more will be threatened with death if too many have the brashness to survive, given that multiple embryos are almost always implanted in an attempt to assure that at least one will survive. This protocol reflects the poor success rate experienced with IVF, representing more dead embryos along the way. IVF is a deadly business from beginning to end.

Size-zero women don't conceive easily - The Times of India

Size-zero women don't conceive easily - The Times of India:

A new study has claimed that skinny women are less likely to become pregnant as compared to their overweight counterparts, including those who are classified as dangerously obese.

According to the researcher, Richard Sherbahn, who is a fertility specialist, the amount of attention being paid to the health risks of being overweight means that the perils of being underweight are being largely ignored, and the problem is being aggravated by the 'size zero' culture in girls and young women.

Infertility - What Causes Infertility Video

Infertility - What Causes Infertility Video

Interesting educational videos relating to infertility.

Study finds junk food may increase infertility in healthy men - The Globe and Mail

Study finds junk food may increase infertility in healthy men - The Globe and Mail:

"Doctors at Harvard University and the University of Murcia, Spain, have found that junk food can make young men infertile, even if they’re physical fit and in good health, British newspaper The Sun reports."

"In particular, participants who consumed high levels of trans fats, naturally found in fried foods, had the worst quality sperm – that is, sperm that was least likely to survive the journey to fertilize an egg. This was the case, even for men who were a healthy weight and exercised. "

"The researchers examined the sperm and diets of hundreds men, ages 18 to 22, all of whom were screened to ensure they were in top shape and had no health problems that would affect their reproductive systems. The participants were asked to keep a journal of what they ate for several months. "

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The secret ingredient that could rot your brain

A new study on fish finds that the same titanium oxide particles being readied for use in food — and already widely used in medicines, paints, and cosmetics — can actually POKE HOLES in the brain and KILL essential nerve cells.

Now, I’m not one to hit the panic button over a single study on fish brains — but the research confirms the worst fears of earlier in vitro studies, leading the author to compare titanium oxide nanoparticles to something you don’t want anywhere near your dinner table.

“The effects on the fish brain caused by these nanoparticles have some parallels with other substances like mercury poisoning,” says Prof. Richard Handy of the University of Plymouth.

The secret ingredient that could rot your brain

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