Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Schizophrenia diagnosed by simple eye test

SCIENTISTS have discovered an almost 100 per cent accurate method to detect whether a person has schizophrenia – a simple sight test.

A simple eye test can now determine whether a person has schizophrenia

Impaired eye movement has long been thought to be associated with schizophrenia.

Earthing - The Ultimate Antioxidant

By Dr. Mercola

Story at-a-glance
Modern rubber and plastic-soled shoes act as electrical insulators and therefore block the beneficial flow of electrons from the earth to your body.
Studies have shown that earthing or grounding improves blood viscosity, heart rate variability, inflammation, cortisol dynamics, sleep, autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance, and reduces effects of stress.
Earthing decreases the effect of these potentially disruptive electromagnetic fields.
A Body Voltage Meter can determine how much electricity is induced when lying in bed or sitting in a chair, and how much the electric charge is reduced by grounding.

Do you notice you feel better when you walk barefoot on the Earth? Recent research has explained why this happens.