Thursday, 11 October 2012

Some of the Greatest People the World had ever known

This is a list of people so great their work was beyond understanding

Most people on this list were so far advanced that they were opposed, ousted, rejected, belittled, discarded and science will always try to disprove their work or steer you away from them.

In the Middle Ages, the CHURCH oppressed & suppressed, they persecuted & prosecuted free & progressive thinkers, anyone that opposed them, anyone who's work they could not understand & anyone they perceived a threat. Since then, that OPPRESSIVE role has been taken over by organised SCIENCE. For the past 400 years SCIENCE HAS BEEN SUPPRESSING, PERSECUTING & PROSECUTING EXACTLY SUCH INTELLIGENT PROGRESSIVE INDIVIDUALS!

In my view Science is an insult to knowledge, it is backward and oppressive and it kept us in the dark ages until now.

Science only tries to investigate what others already know & that cannot be understood by scientists. High Incarnates like these greats were centuries ahead of their time, and they changed the World forever.