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Nearly 50 years of research has revealed that people operate with four distinct ways of interaction, or SOCIAL STYLES: Analytical, Amiable, Driving and Expressive.

TRACOM Analytical Style Analytical Style people value facts above all, and may appear uncommunicative, cool and independent. They have a strong time discipline coupled with a slow pace to action. They value accuracy, competency and logic over opinions, often avoiding risk in favor of cautious, deliberate decisions. Analyticals are usually cooperative, providing they have some freedom to organize their own efforts. Power often arises suspicion in Analyticals, but if they come to see it as necessary for achieving goals and objectives, they may seek power themselves. In relationships, Analyticals are initially more careful and reserved, but once trust is earned they can become dedicated and loyal.  "More about the Analytical Style."

Social Styles - Sixteen Personality Types

Social Styles
Social Style Theory is based on work originated by David Merrill, who used factor analysis to identify two scales, identified as assertiveness and responsiveness.This results in a model that has four quadrants which identify four social styles. There has been much commentary and various use of this model. Here are notes and comments.


In social interaction it is common for people to want things from others. In making requests they may be highly assertiveness or they may make requests at a lower, even passive level.

This dimension is sometimes also called 'dominance'.

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Sugar Makes You Stupid

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 

UCLA study shows high-fructose diet sabotages learning, memory

Attention, college students cramming between midterms and finals: Binging on soda and sweets for as little as six weeks may make you stupid.

A new UCLA rat study is the first to show how a diet steadily high in fructose slows the brain, hampering memory and learning — and how omega-3 fatty acids can counteract the disruption. The peer-reviewed Journal of Physiology publishes the findings in its May 15 edition.

Make Mincemeat of Cancer Cells With This Breakthrough Spice

By Dr. Mercola
The conventional cancer therapies currently available are surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy; aka the "cut, poison, burn" model. Chemotherapy is typically the main regimen for most cancers.

However, many tumors develop resistance to these harsh drugs, known as chemoresistance, which can complicate matters, to say the least. Chemoresistance also leads to other complications.

Hence researchers are looking for effective chemosensitizers that can help overcome such resistance. This strategy basically uses one drug to enhance the activity of another, by modulating the mechanisms that cause the resistance.

A number of natural products and compounds have been shown to act as effective chemosensitizers. Two of the most promising are resveratrol and curcumin, which I'll address here. Last year, several interesting studies were published on these two products, pertaining to their value in the treatment of cancer.

Smoked Cannabis Reduces Some Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis

A clinical study of 30 adult patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine has shown that smoked cannabis may be an effective treatment for spasticity – a common and disabling symptom of this neurological disease.

The placebo-controlled trial also resulted in reduced perception of pain, although participants also reported short-term, adverse cognitive effects and increased fatigue. The study will be published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on May 14.

An unrolled marijuana cigarette File:Unrolled joint.jpg
Credit: Wikipedia

Principal investigator Jody Corey-Bloom, MD, PhD, professor of neurosciences and director of the Multiple Sclerosis Center at UC San Diego, and colleagues randomly assigned participants to either the intervention group (which smoked cannabis once daily for three days) or the control group (which smoked identical placebo cigarettes, also once a day for three days). After an 11-day interval, the participants crossed over to the other group.

The Key Vitamin to use with Vitamin D to Help Reduce Osteoporosis by 25 Percent

By Dr. Mercola
You may be aware that vitamin D and calcium are a powerful duo for bone health, including the prevention of osteoporosis. One of the undisputed benefits of vitamin D is that it helps you ABSORB calcium – this link has been known for many decades.

But there is also evidence that vitamin K, and specifically vitamin K2, is another key player in your bone health, and may be just as crucial in helping you prevent bone fractures as you age.

Why Water With Meals Changes The Way We Eat

Another article published by:

Water could change the way we eat. That's the conclusion of new research by T. Bettina Cornwell of the University of Oregon and Anna R. McAlister of Michigan State University. Their findings appear online this week ahead of regular publication by the journal Appetite.

The paper featured separate studies. One involved a survey of 60 young U.S. adults (ages 19-23) about the role of food-and-drink pairings. The second involved experiments with 75 U.S. children (ages 3-5) to determine the role of drinks and vegetable consumption. The same preschoolers were tested on different days under differing scenarios involving drinks served with vegetables.

Why Did Russia Ban The Use Of Microwave Ovens?

Consumers are dying today in part because they continue to eat dead foods that are killed in the microwave. They take a perfectly healthy piece of raw food, loaded with vitamins and natural medicines, then nuke it in the microwave and destroy most of its nutrition. Humans are the only animals on the planet who destroy the nutritional value of their food before eating it. All other animals consume food in its natural, unprocessed state, but humans actually go out of their way to render food nutritionally worthless before eating it. No wonder humans are the least healthy mammals on the planet.

In Russia, microwave ovens were banned in 1976 because of their negative health consequences as many studies were conducted on their use. The ban was lifted after Perestroika in the early 90’s. Numerous documents can be found online relating to this topic.

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ASA rules against Patrick Holford product

Tuesday 15 May 2012 18:46

The company advertising Patrick Holford's "SMART KIDS Brain Boost" must stop making claims that it can result in improved mental or school performance until it can substantiate them, an Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling released on Tuesday said.

It also found that the product's name was misleading. "The directorate is satisfied that the name 'SMART KIDS Brain Boost' creates an expectation that this product will boost mental performance and/or abilities in children," the ASA said.

"Clearly such an implied claim is capable of objective verification. However, as the respondent's substantiation is not found adequate at this time, there is nothing before the directorate to show that the name is justified and reasonable."

Move Over Formula: Breast Feeding Is The Best Feeding For Babies

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May 15, 2012

Many new mothers struggle with breastfeeding their newborns, especially in the first few weeks. However, when comparing the quality of breast milk to formula, there really is no competition. Breastfeeding is the best feeding and formula has little to offer an infant in terms of nutrition, digestion and immunity.

Breast milk is the perfect food for baby, with numerous advantages over baby formula, especially in the first four months or so. Here's why:

The Piri Reis map

The Piri Reis map.

Piri Reis was one of the Jews expelled from Portugal, an Ottoman admiral, geographer and cartographer born between 1465 and 1470 and died in 1554 or 1555.

He is primarily known today for his maps and charts collected in his Kitab-─▒ Bahriye (Book of Navigation), a book which contains detailed information on navigation, as well as very accurate charts (for its time) describing the important ports and cities of the Mediterranean Sea.

We are mistakenly led to believe that our civilisation today is the most advanced that has existed on this planet. That couldn't be further from the truth. Anyone wishing to learn more should search the pyramid code on YouTube, one of the most fascinating documentaries on civilisations and planet earth.

Pyramid Found in Europe

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun* is said to be older, more precise and larger than the Great Pyramid in Egypt* "In 2005, archaeologist Semir Osmanagic discovered several structures covered by topsoil and vegetation. An international scholar of worldwide pyramidal structures, he recognized the manufactured angles and coordinates that characterize pyramids on five continents. Subsequent, excavations and scientific testing of artifacts have dated several structures from 12,000 to 34,000 B.C.

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25 Health Benefits of Lemon

1 ) Lemon is found to be Anti-Carcinogenic which lower the rates of Colon, Prostate, and Breast Cancer. It prevents faulty metabolism in the cell, which can predispose a cell to becoming carcinogenic. Also blocks the formation of nitrosamines in the Gut.

2 ) Lemon being a citrus fruit, fights Against ─░nfection. It helps in production of WBC's and antibodies in blood which attacks the invading micro-organism and prevents infection.

3 ) Lemon is an Antioxidant which deactivates the free radicals preventing many dangerous diseases like stroke, Cardiovascular Diseases

4 ) Lemon Lowers Blood Pressure and increases the levels of HDL (Good Cholesterol)

5 ) A few drops of lemon juice in lukewarm water are believed to Clear the Digestive System and Purify Liver as well.

Zimbabwe's latest way to stop HIV: Force women to have fewer baths and shave off their hair to make them less attractive

A Zimbabwean politician has said women should be forced to bathe less and shave off their hair to make them less attractive to men and help curb the spread of HIV.

Senator Morgan Femai reportedly told a conference he believed the killer disease had spread because men found it difficult to resist attractive and well-dressed women.

The politician added that new laws should be drawn up compelling women to make themselves less attractive to save men from themselves, according to a report on the New Zimbabwe website.
Shocking: A Zimbabwean politician has said women should be forced to bathe less and shave off their hair to help curb the spread of HIV. Senator Morgan Femai is in the country's main opposition party to President Robert Mugabe, pictured
Shocking: A Zimbabwean politician has said women should be forced to bathe less and shave off their hair to help curb the spread of HIV. Senator Morgan Femai is in the country's main opposition party to President Robert Mugabe, pictured

Truth About Labelling

Monosodium Glutamate, monosodium glutamate, MSG, glutamate - separating MSG-fact from MSG-fiction and industry
This Web site is dedicated to people with problems that once defied medical diagnosis -- people who discovered that elimination of MSG from their diets let them be well.

Please think about joining the California Initiative to Label GMO’s.  Don’t know what GMO’s are?  Find out. We would guess you will want to avoid them.

RAISING AWARENESS!  TRUTH IN LABELING has three pages on FACEBOOK.  Please visit and share.

TRUTH IN LABELING CAMPAIGN is our talk-back and newsletter.  We'd love to have you as a fan. (It's free.)  It’s there that you can share your experiences with MSG with others.

MSG ALIASES EXPOSED! is our outreach page. The Truth in Labeling Campaign has dedicated this page to sharing information that will allow consumers and medical practitioners to identify the ingredients in infant formula, food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and protein drinks and powders that contain neurotoxic processed (manufactured) free glutamic acid (MSG).  

Methylcobalamin: A Potential Breakthrough in Neurological Disease
by Source: Health Watch
February 1, 1999

Japanese scientists have identified a form of vitamin B12 that protects against neurological disease and aging by a unique mechanism that differs from current therapies. Some of the disorders that may be preventable or treatable with this natural vitamin therapy, called methylcobalamin, include chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson's disease, peripheral neuropathies, Alzheimer's disease, muscular dystrophy and neurological aging. Americans have immediate access to this unique and new form of vitamin B12, and, unlike prescription drugs, it costs very little and is free of side effects.

vitamin B12 is a general label for a group of essential biological compounds knows as cobalamins. The cobalamins are structurally related to hemoglobin in the blood, and a deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause anemia. The primary concern of conventional doctors is to maintain adequate cobalamin status to protect against anemia.

U.S. is the Fattest Country In The World: The Top Food Offenders That Make Us Fat

Well, at least in terms of very developed nations with larger populations. The evidence is all around us and even a brief public outing will confirm it. We are one fat country. We love to eat and all the wrong foods. The problem is more related to what we eat rather than how much we eat. The culprits are not always so obvious either. Gone are the days when it was only fast food that would add to our waistline. Today it's everyday foods that are suspect.

MRI scan of a morbidly obese 250 pound woman (left) and healthier 120 pound woman (right). The areas of pronounced subcutaneous fat are evident on the obese woman. In this upright standing position, notice the subcutaneous fat around the neck, shoulders, arms, chest, waist, thighs, and even calves. Also, notice the repositioning of her shoulder joint and hip joint, pronounced angle of the humerus (arm bone) and angle of femur (thigh bone), and the positioning of knee and ankle joints. Other anomolies include the enlarged heart and greater omentum (fat deposition that hangs down from the stomach in front of the small intestines).

The growing problem of obesity is associated with multiple morbidities, including increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, sleep apnea, and cancer. Obesity promotes disability, decreases productivity, and shortens life span. Although much attention has been focused on diet and exercise, these strategies alone are not effective in preventing obesity and maintaining weight loss.

PIP breast implants: 'serious lessons must be learned'

The implants were manufactured by the French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP)
A government review into the PIP breast implant scandal has found that serious lessons must be learned.
The review was led by the Health Minister Lord Howe and examined the role of the Department of Health and the UK regulator the MHRA.
It says that although the MHRA followed scientific and clinical advice, it should "review and further develop its communications capability."
It must "obtain evidence from a wider and more detailed set of sources..."

50 Important Fitness and Fat-Loss Facts You Need to Know

These thoughts will change the way you think about your fitness and fat-loss lifestyle.

  1. Carbohydrates, protein, fat, and alcohol have 4, 4, 9, and 7 calories per gram respectively.
  2. It takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose 1 pound.
  3. Insulin and growth hormone have an inverse relationship.
  4. The average person can store 500 grams of glycogen.
  5. Only fat and protein are essential macronutrients – carbohydrates aren’t.
  6. Muscle glycogen is about 3 parts water to 1 part glucose.
  7. You burn more calories during the 23 hours you don’t exercise than the 1 hour you do.
  8. You don’t need to do cardio to lose weight.
  9. The fat burning zone does not burn more total fat calories – only a higher percentage of calories from fat.
  10. You’re never too old to do squats.