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What Makes Squats One Of The Most Important Exercises?

How do squats make your whole body grow?

Facts, things that are definitely true:
Legs are the probably most neglected muscle group, usually if sometime hits their legs, you know they are hitting everything else(not always but generally true.)
Squats are one of the more taxing movements, because of how many muscles(whole lower body, core, upper back, stabilizers) are actually hit when you perform the exercises, the cardiovascular system has to work that much harder when so many different muscles need massive amounts of oxygen, especially when your whole body is in a non-relaxed state. Squatting heavy increases bone density, not really relevant, but need to know this).

Since squatting is so hard on the body as well as your mind, it makes you a stronger, more resilient person. Bone density increases and your body is able to support more mass with less effort due to stabilizers becoming extremely stronger. Your body is used to repairing massive amounts of damage inflicted to it, so you are able to better recover when hitting smaller muscle groups. As squatting takes a lot out of you, so when you do other lifting your smaller muscle groups you're able to push harder and give it more. On to hgh debate. Hitting so many muscles and taxing your body, when you recover from it that night, your body actually increases hgh release to cope with the amount of repair that has to take place, continually being under stress makes your body used to producing more hgh anticipating the increased demand. Further more after a hard day of squatting most people sleep like babies, during deep sleep is when your body produces hgh.

Edit: squats don't add mass to whole body in a direct fashion (but in an indirect way)

I agree with that, on my squat day I sweat like crazy and feel much more exhausted than on other days. It's not just my muscles that are tired, I'm literally out of breath specially after a long set of split squats!

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